January 31, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Six Items Deleted!

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Well I disputed several items on my husbands credit report,  I looked the other day and they had already removed six items, some are still pending.  Im wondering how much this will help his credit report, Im hoping it will make his score go up dramatically.  To everyone it is so much better to dispute these items yourself, I think I am a proven fact of that.  I have to thank brokencredit for that without this site I dont think I could have done it.

Vanessa (more…)

Bankruptcy Misreported

How do I remove a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy from my credit report that says I am on a wage earner plan which I am not. How would you write to the CRA’s or word the dispute for proof of validation? Thank you for your time and concern! Neal (more…)

Debt Validation on a Judgment

How should I go about paying a 4 year old jugement? The collection company has filed a writ of garnishment for my part time job. When I requested validation of the debt the collection company sent me a computer print out of charges that I didn’t agree with that totaled the amount of the judgment. The itemized list of charges the collection company presented to the court stated the total amount was interest, penatilites and fees, not what they sent me upon validation. When I spoke with the account repersensitve he stated what was mailed to me was not related to the judgment. If this is true a $500 debt has become a $2200 dollar debt in 4 years. 
Thank you; I really appreciate what you are doing.

I got letters for 3 accounts stating they could not validated the debt thru the step 1 validation process, I will let you know I much my credit score increases.

Thanks again,
MIMI (more…)

January 30, 2007

When Will This Chargeoff Go Bye Bye?

I want to start out by saying that your website has been the most helpful, you have opened my eyes to a lot. I saw your seminar on chargeoff and collection companies re-aging. I also read the topics on that. Please tell me if the following information applies and if so how do I take care of it, I have a credit card that is at this point a charge off.
reported since 11/1997
date of status 12/2000
last reported 03/2006
account history charge off as of march 2006 180 days as of Jun 2000 It also shows the high balance and recent balance.
Prior to finding your website, I asked a credit repair company via email. and they stated that this would not be removed from my credit until year 2013.

TAFFIE (more…)

Judgment Is Not Mine

Sorry about the repeated questions but I’m doing some heavy duty credit report correcting…

There’s a judgment that appears on my credit report by a Company. When I called the courthouse, they verified that this judgment was for my parents, not me. However, once I disputed the judgment, it was reported back through CreditBureau (the only bureau that reported this judgment for me) that it was validated.

This company has a reputation as a junk debt buyer. Is it illegal to report a debt as validated that is in fact not mine?

I’m running into the issue that I can’t get court documents because I’m not involved in the case, and I can’t get it removed from my credit because I don’t have any documentation from the court. Any ideas on how to remove this from my report?

Rick (more…)

Medical Collection Run Around

Ok, here’s a real head-scratcher for me…

Upon pulling my wife’s credit report, I noticed there were nearly twenty collection accounts from a local collection agency that were on two of the three credit reports pulled. Upon further inspection, nearly all of these accounts were medical bills that were paid in full by her state insurance (or were supposed to be). We called the benefits supervisor for her insurance plan and she verified that many of these collections accounts had actually been paid in full by state. The ones that had not been paid she confirmed that the hospital could still submit their bills and be paid for them.

In a nutshell, the hospital, over the past seven years, did not have the insurance in their computer system correctly. They showed that we owed, and sent it to collections. The insurance in question covers 100% of the bill with no co-pay.

So it’s a fact, not an assumption, that most of these accounts are incorrect. However, our local collection agency will not delete these accounts until they receive confirmation from the hospital, who needs confirmation from the state, who needs confirmation from the collection agency.

Is there anyway to get this mess deleted from her credit file sooner rather than later while the state, the hospital, and collection agency duke it out? I mean there’s absolutely no doubt these items are totally wrong and shouldn’t be there.

Rick (more…)

Student Loan Skeleton

CollectionAgency has contacted me advising I owe on a $2500.00 student loan from 1986, right now they want $7,800.00.  They have already received $3,700.00 from taking my federal tax refund.  Do interest and penalties continue to add up for years, or is there a point that it should have stopped?

Sherri (more…)

January 29, 2007

What Is Considered Proper Validation?

What info does a creditor or collection agency have to provide in order to validate a debt?  Thanks.

John (more…)

Foreclosure A Year Later


DEANDRE (more…)

Ten Year Old Zombie Debt

I have noticed some postings on here regarding validation of debts.  The basic response is that if a person gets a letter from a collection agency that a person should ask for validation within the first 30 days. 

What if a person does not request it be validated within that 30 days and they ask for a validation in like 6 months.  I guess what I am asking is can a collection agency ignore a request to have a debt validated if they have been trying to collect it over that 30 day period? 

I also had a friend say a collection agency sent her a collection notice on a bill that was 10 years old.  She did not ask for the debt to be validated within the 30 day period she just ignored the letter sent from the collection agency.  Also, can they report it on the credit bureau?  A debt so old?

Please help.

Sandy (more…)

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