February 28, 2007

How Do I Get Started?

I have bad credit.  I was very irresponsible when i was younger.  I would like to pay off my debts now.  The problem is i don’t know where to begin.  The companies I owe money to don’t send me bills anymore and i don’t know how to reach them and get things paid off.  Where do I start and what is the best way to get my credit score up?

Steph (more…)

Me No Carlton Sheets

First, allow me to thank you for your knowledge of Credit Repair.  I received some of this from Carlton Sheets.  I did this years ago from his instructions.  They worked well.  You are the closest to the truth than any I know. Me no lawyer, but you make us aware enough to consult a lawyer.  You help us to choose what direction we need to proceed toward.  I Thank you again.

Mary (more…)

Can I Buy My First Home In Six Months?

I am a looking to purchase my first home in the next 6 months.my biggest issue is recent delinquencies on my credit report and lots of little open lines of credit. I have already closed everything on my credit report.to increase my score from 496-600? Can it be done in 6 months time??

Tanisha (more…)

February 27, 2007

Collection Agency Don’t Know Metro

If I have a deletion letter from a collection agency that have agreed to contact the CRA’s for deletion, and OneCRA & AnotherCRA removed item but ThirdCRA updated the item to Paid Collection… and ThirdCRA says I can’t dispute the item online as it was previously verified… what should I do.  I have contacted the Collection Agency and they are telling me to dispute it with ThirdCRA and they would then request for the deletion, but ThirdCRA is not allowing me to dispute the item.

JAY (more…)

February 26, 2007

Inquiry Sneak Attack

Paul, I must say you have been a great help to me.  I brought my husbands credit score up from the middle 300s to 553, well we were going to buy a new car, we told the dealership that if the first one turned us down we didnt want them to send it to anyone else, well come to find out they sent it to six different people.  Ouch!!!  I spoke to the General Manager and he said if we called the Credit Bureaus and they contacted him he would let them know we did not give them permission to run it more than one time.  Should I have the General Manager give this to me on paper with letter head stating it was there mistake?  Thanks.

Vanessa (more…)

Save Me From Foreclosure

Nolo.com defines foreclosure as:

“The forced sale of real estate to pay off a loan on which the owner of the property has defaulted”.

There are numerous options available to avoid foreclosure.  Two of the proactive options include a (1) foreclosure bailout or (2) selling the home prior to the foreclosure.  The Broken Credit Blog proudly presents its new free foreclosure avoidance service. 

Locate an expert in your state and Stop Foreclosure!

I Stand Corrected

I wrote you on the 2/22/2007 and my score went from a 542 to a 638. Well, I disputed the Chapter 7 BK and received my new credit report on 2/26/2007 saying that the Chapter 7 was deleted off my credit report. I cannot imagine what my new FICO score will be next month on my online credit report. It just goes to show that a Chapter 7 can be removed if worded properly with the proper letter. I only need one more item deleted off my credit reports and I will be totally done. Not bad by an amateur. Thanks for the postings!

Neal (more…)

FICO Has No Memory


if my available credit is $750,000  with about 140 open accounts all in good standing, and i use $170,000 of it at zero interest, would that usage drag my fico score down or have any negative impact on my credit overall? My overalll balances are only $24,000, so the usage is minimal

Thank you for the answer.

Alex (more…)

February 25, 2007

Recent Chargeoff

I just found your site, and found a lot of information.  I am trying to straighten out my credit report and at the same time I am helping my 25 yr old son with his.  Now, he had a credit card that he opened in 2005 and since then they have reported it as a profit and loss.  Is there anyway he can fix this in order for it to show favorably in his credit report?

Deborah (more…)

Retro Verification, Pardon Me Validation

I have an old account with ThisCreditor (who everyone knows went bankrupt and closed), but when I asked the “junk collector” to validate the account they said it was valid.  I have tried finding a phone number, address, or anything to speak with someone associated with ThisCreditor and, of course, there is nothing.  How can they validate an account with the original person who turned it over to collections if they are unreachable, or do they just validate with the collection company they bought the account from?  If they do do that, is it legal or legit? How would the original collector know it is valid if they can’t contact anyone either?  At this point, there is an attorney’s office contacting me regarding this and I have explained to them that I have disputed this matter and they argued with me that if I had the product then there was nothing to dispute and that I owed them (very rude might I add).

Michele (more…)

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