March 31, 2007

So You’re Saying You Want To Talk To A Collection Agency

I have 7000.00 of collections on my reports that are 3 to 6 years old.I would like to pay them and have them removed from my credit reports.What do I do to make this happen and how?

Warren (more…)

So You’re Saying You Have an Old Paid Debt?

I ruined my credit in college and recently paid of $10,000 paying off old collections, one to include a judgment. I have not received a paid in full letter as of yet on any of the paid accounts.  What would you suggest as being the first avenue to repair my credit?

Monique (more…)

Redeemed Repo

My husband had his car (unfortunately) repossessed in mid January and then was able to redeem it 2 weeks later.  This is showing up on his credit report. Is there anyway this can be removed because it was redeemed in a short period of time? Thanks.

Dee (more…)

I’d Like to Collect Things, just not Collections

My credit report has been affected by a medical bill that my father was supposed to pay (as stated in a divorce decree) the amount of the bill is $301. I was told not to pay it yet and dispute the bill, using the decree as proof I was not to be billed for this emergency room stay in 2005. I spoke with the FTC on the phone today- and they said that the credit bureau does not care that my father is supposed to pay the bill. The fact remains that my name is on it, its past due and therefore I should pay.

I am trying to take out a loan to pay for the rest of my college education (one class left! I got a full time job just so I could get a income-to debt ratio). I have been turned down by a few banks (including salliemae) because I already have a few loans (3 private and 2 Federal Student loans) 3 are in forbearance. I plan to consolidate IMMEDIATELY after I get this last loan so I can get my BA and get a raise where I work.

 I am taking the loan out with my employer’s federal credit union because I was told that would be my best bet now. I disputed the hospital bill online with experian, who returned with another credit item of $41 dollars for a library book that I apparently took out in 2002. I am not sure whether to pay first, then dispute or first dispute, then pay. I am applying for this loan as soon as April 10th – I would assume  there would be no way to remove any negative items on my report. The last time I checked my score a year ago it was 550. If youre only supposed to look at your score/report once a year how do all these people know they have raised their score within 2 months?

I also dont know if the idea about me not being responsible for the medical bill is valid. Please let me know what the best course of action would be. Also, whne I apply for this loan my father (who has bad credit) has offered to co-sign. Would this ultimately hurt my chances? You seem to give straight answers compared to the ones I’ve been getting. So thank you in advance for this service. Also feel free to let me know if I have little to no shot at getting this loan. I was told it would cost extra to view my credit score-and I dont know what the cut-off score is for this loan anyway). My parent’s credit is a disaster and it has greatly affected my life. I dont want that for myself so I am trying really hard to learn as much as I can to improve my score and interest rates. Please let me know if you have any advice for this situation.

Clark (more…)

Junk Debt Buyer Strikes Again

I have enjoyed reading Blog. I hope you can help me. I have an old account that have been charged off. It is no longer being reported by the credit card company. Acollection Agency have taken over the account and have changed the date of the last activity and the date of the major delinquency. They also show and amount in the balance amount field and an amount past due. On my old credit report the orginal creditor show 0 balance and 0 amount past due. Since it was charged off, Can a collection agency re-age this account? And how should I go about getting it updated.

Ash (more…)

March 29, 2007

Shall I Pay For Credit Repair?

I have a finished bankruptcy. A friend has been using CreditRepairFirm for a few years and they have gotten 80 percent of the derogatories removed and improved there score 130 points. Would you use one of these services if you didn’t have the time to write all of these letters to the credit berueaus and do they work? My friend pays 28 bucks a month for the service.

L (more…)

It’s a Repo, Roger that

I am in the process of being served by the courts for a debt, the debt was for a auto and credit card,totaling aprox $17,000,from my former credit union, had filed chapter 13 dismissed a year ago,while going thru a divorce, attempting to keep credit score good high 600’s finished with divorce in jan 07, credit union wants $35,000 they say interest and fees, what can i do, I dont have that kind of money, ask to pay monthly said the will only take lump sum considering filing chapter 7 but would like to purchase a home in may, i have not been served yet what can i do?

Roger (more…)

Free Credit Report? Yeah That’s The Ticket

For Release: February 21, 2007 

FTC Alleges Ads For “Free” Credit Report Violate Federal Court Order, doing business as Experian Consumer Direct, will pay $300,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that ads for its “free credit report” offer failed to disclose adequately that consumers who signed up would be automatically enrolled in a credit- monitoring program and charged $79.95. The FTC alleged that the failure to clearly disclose the enrollment and charges violated a previous settlement. (more…)

This Credit Card Is Not Mine!

i just pulled my cr and on it there is a credit card i never opened or authorized. i contacted them and gave them my info and they said the acct. was opened online and all my personal info matched what i gave them so they are not going to remove off my credit. i had problems with mycredit about 6-7 years ago and almost all the negative is coming off this year. my question is how do i get this off me. they told me i could settle for about 350.00 but i just paid a judgement off and do not have the funds to pay this too plus i dont owe it and i dont want to pay for something i didnt open. but this is now a recent credit item so it is adversly affecting my credit. another thing i have written them and asked for validation none given but a letter stating i owe them money. i have disputed my reports they deleted off one report but will not the other two. what to do? i am writing this because i just found your site and i have used your info and have increased my score but this is hurting me.

Mike (more…)

Reading About Credit Repair Can Be Enjoyable

How can I have my bankruptcy and some collections disputed? Do you have an example letter that I can send to credit bureaus?? Thanks.

Susan (more…)

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