June 28, 2007

30 Minutes To Avoid Foreclosure

I’ve noticed a thing or two about the subject of foreclosure.  For one, there are plenty of seminars on foreclosure on TV and the internet.  I don’t have a problem with that.  The problem seems to be that the seminars are all geared to buying a home from someone that is going through foreclosure.  Huh?  Where’s the foreclosure help?  So, for a decided change of pace and rather than just complaining about the foreclosure seminar problem, the Broken Credit Blog offers its own free thirty minute online seminar: How To Avoid Foreclosure

There are a million people searching around for information on how to save their home from foreclosure with a repayment plan, forbearance, loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, bankruptcy, legal defenses, and on and on.  I say come on in and watch our free avoid foreclosure seminar.  Why?  Because we want you to avoid foreclosure – that’s why.  Now click this foreclosure seminar link and avoid foreclosure

June 27, 2007

FDCPA Violations Recorded on Tape

Answering MachineOK, so maybe I’m getting a little too excited about my collection call today and yes, I did have the recorded audio added to the Broken Credit Blog as an mp3, but I say why not?  First and foremost, it’s an excellent opportunity to educate our readers about debt collector violations.  And secondly, can you blame me for getting as much mileage as I can out of this whole experience? 

Here is the identity theft debt we’re talking about.

Here is the audio from today’s debt collector call.

No, the FDCPA does not apply to business debts – if it did, then this would have been considered a ‘communication’ and we would have a violation of 1692e(11) for failure to provide the Mini Miranda(more…)

Judgment, Who Me?

I have a judgement on my credit report I just find out about. The judgement is 7yrs old and I was un aware of it. But when the loan company pulled my credit there it was. I got not notice to appear in court. I tried contacting the company for a settlement offer, but they are no longer in business. In fact all check into cash businesses have been shut down in the entire state of North Carolina.Is there a way for this to be deleted and removed.

Albert (more…)

Avoiding Mortgage Payment Shock

A new publication from the FTC has information that could help consumers save their homes and recognize and avoid foreclosure scams. The publication, Mortgage Payments Sending You Reeling? Here’s What To Do, explains different kinds of mortgages, what to do if you’re behind in your payments, how to avoid default and foreclosure, and how to avoid predatory scams. (more…)

Adding A Consumer Statement?

What can be done to mitigate accurate but negatvie information on my credit report?  Will a letter of explanation of extenuating circumstances help?  Should I send such a letter to the creditor or to the credit bureaus?  Is there anything else I can do about such information?

Matt (more…)

I Got Another Collection Call!! Yippee x 2!!

Collection Call FraudWell, I don’t know how many people get excited about receiving collection calls, but…..call me crazy!! 

I pay my bills on-time and my companies pay their bills on-time, so I don’t receive many collection calls.  For this reason, every now and then, I feel as though I am sending the troops to battle while I sit back and relax.  No good! says the Broken Credit Blog – you must engage the enemy!  Particularly when that enemy is identity theft. 

This one looks to be the same fraudulent debt as the first yippee collection call.  They received my certified letter and passed the fraudulent debt like a collection hot potato to this new company.  I did a reverse lookup on the phone number and sent this certified letter to the new collection agency

Again…too bad the FDCPA doesn’t apply to business debts.

Score:  Broken Credit Blog 2, Debt Collectors 0 

June 26, 2007

They’re Baaack…

Hi Paul,

I got 8 accounts that were deleted from my credit file two weeks ago. But now I check my credit report and 2 of the accounts went back to my credit report. Is this posible or legal?

Thank you,
Carlos (more…)

Does This Affect My Credit Score?

Hi! I have my credit report from CSC. It has a collection account in the public records or other information section. I have a few question about this. Does this affect my credit score? Do I dispute it like a regular tradeline? How long does it stay in my file? Thank you Don! (more…)

The Right Credit Repair Road Map

I basically just started the rebuild, had no idea where to start until i found this blog, the knowledge here is astounding, thanks to everyone. Im basically going to post everything I have done so far and ask if I am on the right track, and if someone possibly has any further tips they could share. (more…)

Credit Reporting As Debt Collection

Some creditors don’t actively pursue debts, they just report them as unpaid to the CRAs.  This is appropriate if the debt is actually owed, but this practice “crosses the line” when creditors and collectors threaten to report debts – or actually report debts – that they know or should know are not the responsibility of the consumer.

Evan Hendricks before the House Committee on Financial Services
“Credit Reports: Consumer’s Ability to Dispute and Change Information”
June 19, 2007

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