December 31, 2007

Adverse Action Notice

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My husband and I have had our share of bad credit, but have recently tried to clean it up and made it a point to never be late on anything…however when we tried to get furniture we were denied by 3 offices…what could have happened…confused

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Credit Resellers & Tri-merged Reports

I am a credit profesional and I have a client which I am helping fix his credit. Now, something very strange happened while I am fixing his credit. You see, I removed a late payment on an auto loan in Transunion, it’s still reporting on the other two bureaus that auto late payment.

Now, when the Mortgage broker pulled his trimerged credit report the auto late payment is still showing on Transunion, how can that be?

The reports that I am pulling are from the site. Does that have anything to do with this? if any? This is strange since it has never happened to me before in 22 years of practicing credit repair.

Can you give me an idea what is going on??

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December 30, 2007

The 2008 Credit Repair Seminar is now LIVE!

New Years Times SquareIt was added an hour or so ago and I already see people are registering for it, so may as well make a post about it.  I was going to wait until January 1, 2008, but what the heck.  Why wait?

The Raise Your Credit Score seminar for 2008 is available now!

It’s fifteen-minutes of important preemptive actions you can take to improve your credit score before applying for that mortgage, car loan, job, insurance, etc. 

Your introductory course to credit repair; no time is wasted.  It is action packed, like the fireworks in Times Square.  Well, not quite – how exciting can you really make credit repair?…

I got it! 

Let’s call it Fifty FICO Points in Fifteen-Minutes!

Make sure you have a pen ready when you listen to take notes.

After you’ve improved your credit score, make sure you tell others about our site!

Orlando Florida Lease/Purchase

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Orlando Florida Lease Purchase!Lease to own this luxury townhome located in prestigious Lake Nona.

The community is manned with a guard 24 hours a day.  Community features include fitness center, tennis courts, basketball, activities director, and shops.

The townhome features a waterview and a two balconys and a patio.

Solid poured concrete construction with ceramic tile roof.

Rent or lease to own.  If you choose to lease to own a down payment is required.  You will have the option to lock-in to a sales price at today’s value or buy for the value of the home at the time of closing.

College Debt Paid, Now What?

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Recovering From Student DebtI am a college student trying to find out what my best options are for repairing my credit.

When I first started college I had over $20,000 in credit card debt (about 6 cards) and since I did not have a steady income at the time, I fell behind on payments and unfortunately about 4 cards were closed by the banks.

I have managed to get a good job and have paid off all of my debt.

Can you please give me some suggestions on what a 20yr old student should do to repair my credit score with these various closures of numerous credit cards?

Fortunately, even with the closure of the cards, I have paid off all $20,000.

I also do not use credit cards anymore (except for small purchases) and operate on a cash basis to make sure I don’t fall into the same trap. 

Thank you and have a great day.

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December 29, 2007

Credit Score En Passant

Definition of En Passant on the Broken Credit Blog: When a collection agency moves two squares forward from its starting position, an opposing consumer located immediately to its right or left may capture a pay for delete by moving one square diagonally forward, to the square directly behind it.This site is great with all the information but maybe I have one to stump the experts with. 

I have disputed all that I think I can in my credit reports but my score is still around a 580.

Here is what is still on my credit report and I assume there is no way to improve them but with time?:

1. Foreclosure on real estate in 2003.

2. 4 items in collection (but almost paid off)

3. High balances on credit accounts (can’t pay down just now)

I would like to get a home equity loan to consolidate these items but with the 580 I know I won’t get one.

Any suggestions?

Sara (more…)


In March or April of 2006, I completed a rehabiltation on a defaulted student loan. As promised all derogatory information was deleted (I did have to do a little “Higher Education Act” arm-twisting with Nelnet before I convinced them they had to delete!) My loan was bought by ACS/Suntrust immediately following the rehab. All subsequent payments to ACS/Suntrust were made on time.

In May of 2007 I obtained a loan to pay off all my debt including this student loan account. I received a paid in full letter  from ACS/Suntrust a week or so later.

Imagine my surprise when in June 2007 I checked my credit reports and found that ACS had reported this as a charge-off/claim filed with the government/derogatory account!

I disputed with the credit bureaus and they came back as “verified-no change.”

My problem is that ACS/Suntrust still has this account listed as a charge off as of Nov. 2007!!! It also seems that the “charge-off” date keeps moving forward month by month??

I contacted the Ombudsman from the U.S. Dept. of Education who informed me that ACS/Suntrust admitted to incorrectly reporting this account and a promise was made to fix their error. The problem is the account is still listed as Derogatory/charge-off/Claim filed with the government as of Nov. 2007!!! I got ACS to send me a copy of the e-Oscar report but it is coded and I do not know any of these codes??

This account has been paid in full with no lates for almost 6 months but ACS is still listing it as a charge-off.

I have worked very hard to clean up my credit.  This item I am sure is really dragging down my score. I have almost perfect credit in the past two years except for this account!! I have been in touch with ACS/Suntrust numerous times with MANY promises to fix their error but still no luck.

Any ideas??

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Are Debt Settlement Companies Legit?

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In 9/07 I started a settlement with SomeDebtSettlementCo.

I’m sending them close to 600.00 a moth to pay them first$7000.00 of course and then settle with 7 cc Co.

When I’ve call them  i’ve recieved confusing answers from different  people, all I need to know is if they’re legitimate

The BBB in Tx. Lists TheDBA however no SomeDebtSettlementCo. is found.

Please help!!!!!

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December 28, 2007

Authorized User Me

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You posted in June of 2007, that Fico will no longer count authorized user.  I am now being told that this never went into effect.  Your article also mentioned that it would go into effect in Sept. of 2007 for most lenders. 

I truly believe in the information on this blog and would like to know if this other person knows what they are talking about.  Please respond

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December 27, 2007

Free Loan Modification Info

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Request for a Modification of Mortgage

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