September 29, 2006

Free Credit Repair Seminar Saturdays

The Broken Credit Blog would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in the free credit repair seminar titled “Raise Your Credit Score”.  To date, the registrations and feedback have been overwhelming.  This free thirty-minute credit repair class has been available online every Saturday at noon and we will continue to offer this free credit repair class for an indefinite period of time 

Some of the topics that are discussed every Saturday:

(1)  Why errors exist on credit reports

(2)  How to obtain a copy of your free credit report

(3)  The proper way to dispute inaccurate items

(4)  How to re-age a derogatory account to delete the derogatory history

(5)  How to remove collection accounts from your bureau

(6)  How to improve your credit score even if you have no bad credit

This free online seminar is for anyone who desires to improve their credit score THE RIGHT WAY.  Broken Credit, LLC has seen a tremendous need for the general public to have this information and it is our great pleasure to bring this seminar to you for free.

For those of you who will be buying or refinancing a home, this free thirty minute seminar could make your dream of homeownership possible and save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest!

Raise Your Credit Score

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