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$75,000 Fine for Unfair Debt Collection Practices
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Six Items Deleted!
1099 After Foreclosure
1099-C Cancellation of Debt
1681s-2(b) Followed By Delete
20 Medical Collections Deleted!
30 Minutes To Avoid Foreclosure
7 Credit Repair Words
800 For Me Please


A Buyer's Market -- Don't Ask Amiss
A Buyer's Market -- How to Please a Buyer
A Collection Agency Can Not
A Credit Repair Plan
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
A Game of Mortgage Monopoly
A TILA Story - Don’t Be A Shelton
A Tidal Wave: The Pending "Payment Shock"
A Victim of Identity Theft
A Warning to Credit Repair Organizations
AMEX Authorized User
ARM’d & Dangerous
Accord & Satisfaction
Activate an Authorized User
Add Credit After Bankruptcy
Adding A Consumer Statement
Adjustable Rate Mortgage & APR
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Resets
Adverse Action Notice
Affordable Loan Modifications!
Age-old Collections
Alabama Consumer Lawyers
Alt-A Judgment Week
Alt-A or FHA?
Altamirano v. Copiague Funding Corp
Alternative Tradelines
Alternatives to Foreclosure - Workout Options
Always Get It In Writing
Am I Late To The Credit Repair Party?
Anatomy of a Florida Foreclosure Defense
Annual Credit Report
Annual Credit Report Delay?
Antediluvian Collection
Apartment Collection… I Think Not!
Are All Mortgages Negotiable Instruments?
Are Debt Settlement Companies Legit?
Are Loan Modifications & Forbearance Agreements Binding?
Arizona Deficiency Judgment
Arizona Judgment
Arrow Financial $100,000 SmackDown!
Attack of the $2 Collection
Authorized User -- Share My Credit Score
Authorized User Gone Bad
Authorized User Me
Authorized User Pros and Cons
Authorized User Skedaddle
Authorized User Still Waiting
Auto Auctions May Be Videotaped
Auto Lease & Taxes Charged
Automatic Stay
Avoid Florida Mortgage Foreclosure
Avoid Foreclosure & Keep My Credit Rating Intact?
Avoiding Mortgage Payment Shock


BK Tradeline Ex Post Facto
Bad Contract For Deed
Bad Credit or No Credit
Bank Deleted It, Why Won't Collection Agency?
Bank Doesn't Have a Clue About BK & Foreclosure
Bank Run Fun
Bank Turn Down?
Bank U
Bankrupt Builder
Bankruptcy & Keep My Credit Cards?
Bankruptcy & Short Sale
Bankruptcy Claims & Credit Reporting
Bankruptcy Cleanup
Bankruptcy Credit Repair Basics
Bankruptcy Creditor Hot Potato
Bankruptcy Dismissed & Never Late
Bankruptcy Loom, Lender Doom
Bankruptcy Misreported
Bankruptcy Mortgage Reporting
Bankruptcy Stay Violation
Bankruptcy Strip Down
Bankruptcy Tagalong
Bankruptcy and Student Loans
Bankruptcy, Mortgage & Foreclosure
Bankruptcy, Short Sale, & Credit Report
Battling Tools of Debt Collection
Bear Each Others Credit Repair Burdens
Bear Stearns & EMC - Unlawful Mortgage Servicing
Before You Apply For A Mortgage - Watch This!
Beginning Credit Repair
Beware of Mortgage "Foreclosure Rescue" Scams
Big Brother ChoicePoint
Bizarre Mortgage Loan Request
Blame the Banksters not the Brokers
Block Identity Theft
Bogus Dental Claim
Bogus Disputes
Bona Fide Error Defense
Bounced Check
Breath Inside The House - The Qualified Written Request
Broken Credit
Broken Credit Blog Rocks!
Broken Credit Blog Will Officiate
Broken Credit Blog vs. Credit Card CSR
Broken Credit Bloggers are NOT For Sale!
Broken Credit Concentration
Broker Said What?
Buffet Warns Monty
Building Credit References
Businesazz Credit
Business Credit Card
Buy A Condo With A 480 Score?
Buy A Home After Foreclosure Notated On Credit Report?
Buy Me A House! Ooops, medical debt...
Buy Now & Pay Later
Buy and Bail
Buying Tradelines Is Fraud
Buying a Condo on Mars
Buying a Home with Really Bad Credit?


CRA Required to Notify Furnisher
CSC and Equifax
California DRE Advance Fee Loan Modifications
California Foreclosure Scam
Calling All Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers
Calling All Pay For Delete-inators
Calling Debt Settlement
Can Collection AND Creditor BOTH Report?
Can I Borrow Money Without a Job?
Can I Buy My First Home in Six Months?
Can I Get Me Some Goodwill?
Can I Trust this Collection Agency?
Can You Buy a House with a Judgment?
Can You Say Mortgage Time?
Can a Collection Agency put a Lien on my Car?
Can a JDB Buy a Judgment?
Can a Mortgage Company Offer Credit Repair?
Can a Student Loan be Re-Aged?
Can the 1099 be Avoided on a Short Sale?
Can’t We All Just Get Along (on this Short Sale)?
Capital One Updates Charge-off
Capitalize Delinquent Payments
Cataclysmic Authorized User
Catalog Credit Cards
Caveat Emptor Placitum
Cease Communication -- A Warning to All
Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested
Chapter 13 "Bankruptcy Buyout"
Chapter 13 BK 2nd Mortgage Cram Down
Chapter 13 BK Mortgage Reporting
Chapter 13 Mortgage Payments Late?
Chapter 7 For 10 Years?
Charge-off Sold or So I Am Told
Charged Off & Still Reporting
Charged Off, Sold, & Misreporting
Charlotte’s Collection
Chasing Julie After The Short Sale
Chelle’s Landlord
Chicago Takes on Debt Collector
Child Support & Credit Reporting
Chris Rocks!
Circa 2000 Collections
Click Link For ‘Those Pleadings’
Closing A Credit Card Account
Collection Accordion
Collection Agencies Unlawfully "Re-Age" Accounts
Collection Agency $1.3M SmackDown!
Collection Agency Agreed To Delete
Collection Agency Breaking the Rules?
Collection Agency Don't Know Metro
Collection Agency Don't Play
Collection Agency Gave Me a Farewell Gift
Collection Agency Inquiry
Collection Agency Intimidation
Collection Agency Might Reject CMRRR
Collection Agency Must Break Down P & I
Collection Agency Not Playing by the Rules
Collection Agency Pay Me!
Collection Agency Payments?
Collection Agency Post-Foreclosure
Collection Agency Says This Will Be Reported To CRA
Collection Agency Snoop
Collection Agency, JDB, and Original Creditor
Collection Amnesia?
Collection Balance is Higher and Higher
Collection Can Not Squat
Collection Cops
Collection Date Opened
Collection Nightmares
Collection Reported As A Tradeline
Collection Scare Tactics
Collection Warning
Collection going, going, gone!
Collection on a Bad Check
Collections & Mortgages
Collections Don't Stop Me Now
Collections Multiplied
Collections, Public Records & Inquiries
Collector Be Gone; Refinance Me!
Collector Conundrum
Collector Stars in "Catch Me If You Can"
Collector Stonewall
Columbia Recovery v. Menchaca
Come All Ye to the Credit Repair Discussion
Commercially Reasonable Sale
Computer SNAFU Mortgage Late!
Considering Walking Away
Consumer Credit Counseling
Consumers v. Debt Collectors
Conversation with a Credit Repair Clinic
Cosa Nostra Debt Collector
Cosa Nostra Net Branch
Cosigner Filed BK
Count My FDCPA & FCRA Violations
Counter Bad Credit with a Secured Credit Card
Countrywide Bankruptcy Practices Exposed
Countrywide Hope Team
Credit & Employment
Credit Bureau Accuracy...or Not?
Credit Bureaus & the ACDV
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part I
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part II
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part III
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part IV
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part V
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part VI
Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part VII
Credit Card Danger & Rescue
Credit Card Disputes
Credit Card Tricks
Credit Card Unauthorized Charges
Credit Cards and Credit Scores
Credit Cards, Bill Gates, the Housing Market, & Saving Money
Credit Checkup is like a Tune-up
Credit Counseling & Credit Scores
Credit Dispute Trivia
Credit Inquiries -- Tiptoeing Through a Minefield
Credit Me A Mortgage
Credit Repair -- How Do I Get Started?
Credit Repair -- The Best Things in Life are FREE
Credit Repair -- What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
Credit Repair Addiction
Credit Repair Bear Asleep?
Credit Repair Brothers & Sisters
Credit Repair Folklore
Credit Repair Grasshopper
Credit Repair Hodgepodge
Credit Repair Mistakes
Credit Repair Mortgage Loan
Credit Repair Powers That Be
Credit Repair Survey
Credit Report Dispute Letter
Credit Report Late Payments...Correct?
Credit Report Mistakes
Credit Report Short Sale
Credit Report Updates
Credit Reporting As Debt Collection
Credit Reporting Limits & Statute of Limitations
Credit Reporting Wrongs
Credit Resellers & Tri-merged Reports
Credit Restoration Reading
Credit Score Confusion
Credit Score Dinosaur
Credit Score En Passant
Credit Score Goes from 618 to 658 in 5 Days!
Credit Score Post Short Sale
Credit Score Road To Recovery
Credit Score Superboost
Credit Score a function of Amounts Owed
Creditally Challenged Cards
Creditor Collection Correction
Creditor Document Retention
Creditor Specifies A Specific ID Theft Address
Creditors & The Divorce Decree


DTI: Debt to Income
DUI Mortgage Loan
Dana’s Story
Date of First Delinquency
Date of Last Activity
Date of Last Activity - Huh?
Date of Last Activity v. Last Reported
Dawn of the Debt Collectors
Dealing with Creditor or Collection Agency?
Deborah’s New Home
Debt Collection Disputes
Debt Collection after a 1099-C
Debt Collector Cease Communication
Debt Collector Fired
Debt Collector Heavy Breather
Debt Collector Punches Lady in the Face!
Debt Collector Sends a 1099
Debt Collector Settles with FTC for Abusive Practices
Debt Collector Slammed with $1 Million Fine
Debt Collector Violations
Debt Collector Wants Proof
Debt Collector, Answering Machine, First Contact
Debt Collectors Gone Wild
Debt Collectors Leave Messages To Their Peril
Debt Collectors Worst Nightmare
Debt Settlement Companies
Debt Settlement DIY
Debt Settlement Negotiation - Not Exactly!
Debt Settlement Program
Debt Settlement at 50%?
Debt Validation & Re-Aging
Debt Validation Part I
Debt Validation Part II
Debt Validation Part III
Debt Validation on a Judgment
Deed Taxes on Florida Short Sales
Deed in Lieu
Deed in Lou
Deed-in-Lieu Mortgage Times Two
Deed-in-Lieu Think It Through
Default is NOT a Prerequisite for Loan Modification
Default on Equity Line of Credit
Defeating Collection Inquiries
Defeating Re-Aging
Deferment or Forbearance
Deferment or Forbearance
Deficiency Judgment with an FHA Foreclosure?
Deficiency Judgments Are Real
Deficiency and My Family
Delete Bad Credit Quick, We're Buying a Home!
Delete Collection Upon Payment
Delete for Payment
Deleting Bad Credit Off Credit Report
Deleting Bad Credit Upon Payment
Deleting Inquiries
Did I Go From 580 To 650?
Did Pay-Credit-Repair-Co. Advertise Falsely?
Did Someone Say Mortgage Time?
Did You Receive Your ‘UCC Compliant’ Repo Notice?
Didn’t You Say Credit Repair is Free?
Direct Disputes With Creditor
Discharged Over 7 Years Ago
Dismissed Bankruptcy
Dismissed Lawsuit
Dispute Online, Phone, or Mail?
Dispute Underway & Then Validation Notice Received
Do The CRA's Notify One Another?
Do You Do Credit Repair?
Do You Have To Be Past Due For A Short Sale?
Does Ben Need a Loan?
Does Debt Validation Re-Age an Account?
Does This Affect My Credit Score?
Does an Inquiry Affect your Credit Score?
Don't Be 4 Days Late with Capital One!
Don't Close A Credit Card Unless...
Don't Cross The Credit Repair Line
Don't Let the Credit Bureaus sell your data
Don't Let the JDB Sneak Up on You
Don't Pay For Credit Repair
Don't Tow My Credit Score Away!
Don’t Cut Yourself With the TILA!
Don’t Fall Asleep on the Junk Debt Buyers!
Don’t Mess With Robin
Drowning in Debt?
Dynamics of a Short Sale


Early on Loan Mod
Earth To Jonna
Eliminate Erroneous Bad Credit
Escrow Shortage & Deficiency
Espinosa v. United Student Aid Funds
Every Once in a While You Find a Mortgage Broker Doing Good
Everyone is Approved!
Exempt Funds & Garnishment
Exit Strategy
Expedited Dispute Resolution
Experian Public Records Reinvestigation


FACTA & Debt Collector Inquiries
FACTA Testimony on Mixed Files
FCRA 1681s-2(b) Violations
FCRA 30 Day Dispute Reinvestigations
FCRA Attorney
FCRA Lawsuit?
FCRA Private Right of Action
FDCPA & FCRA Confusion
FDCPA 'Communication' applies to 'Interrogatories'
FDCPA Can Prevent Debt Collector's Reporting
FDCPA Violations Recorded on Tape
FFIEC Re-Aging
FHA & Bankruptcy
FHA & VA Financing with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
FHA Commissioner: Homeowners Need a Safer Alternative to Risky Mortgages
FHA Refinance or Loan Modification
FHA Secure New & Improved!
FHA Short Refinance
FHA Short Sale Mortgagee Letter 2008-43
FHASecure Training Call for Loan Officers
FHASecure to the Rescue
FICO = FICO + 25 Points
FICO Doesn't Consider Income
FICO Has No Memory
FICO Here, FICO There, Different FICO Everywhere?
FICO Scores range from 300 to 850
FICO Will No Longer County Authorized User
FNMA & Authorized Users
FNMA Likes Short Sales
FTC Fines Debt Collector $1.3M
FTC Reports to Congress on the FCRA Dispute Process
FTC Testifies on Credit Reports
FTC Testifies on Identity Theft & Social Security Numbers
FTHB = First Time Home Buyer
Fair Credit Billing
Fair Credit Billing Act Revisited
Fair Isaac & The Big Three
Fast Credit Repair
Fast Track Loan Modification
Fay’s Loan Modification
Federal Student Loan Rehab
File Bankruptcy & Keep My Car?
Fire & Credit
First Union v. Wilson
Fixing Credit in 30 Days
Florida - Truth in Lending Act - Open Letter
Florida Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
Florida Credit Research v. Felicien
Florida Debt Collection Violations
Florida Fight For A Loan Mod!
Florida Foreclosure
Florida Foreclosure Defense
Florida Foreclosure Defense - File an Answer!
Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Florida Foreclosures
Florida Judgments
Florida Lis Pendens
Florida Pre-foreclosures
Florida Recourse or Non-recourse?
Florida Short Sale Processors
Florida Short Sales
Florida Statute of Limitations & Credit Reports
Follow My Wisconsin Deficiency
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Forbearance & Loan Modification Waivers Unenforceable
Foreclosure A Year Later
Foreclosure Aftermath
Foreclosure Avoidance
Foreclosure Bailout
Foreclosure CAN Be Avoided!
Foreclosure Defense
Foreclosure Do's & Don'ts
Foreclosure Facts
Foreclosure Help Leads To Prison Term
Foreclosure Hot Potato
Foreclosure Included in Bankruptcy
Foreclosure Judgment
Foreclosure Reporting Error
Foreclosure Reporting Injustice
Foreclosure Solutions
Foreclosure Started or Not?
Foreclosure Stats and Solutions
Foreclosure at the Courthouse Steps
Foreclosure by Walking Away
Foreclosure results in a 1099?
Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Judgments, Liens - These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things?
Foreclosures aren’t adding Up (or are they?)
Forensic Examination of the Loan Docs
Forensic Loan Audit
Forget My Foreclosure
Frankly My Dear, I Don't Remember
Free Credit Help
Free Credit Repair Seminar
Free Credit Report? Yeah That's The Ticket
Free Dispute Letter
Free Loan Modification Info
Free Loan Modifications, Anyone, Anaone?
Free Online Seminar
Free Rapid Rescore
Free Real Estate Venue
From 362 to 578 and Still Going!
From 488 to 630 in 90 Days!
From 542 to 638 in Twelve Months
From 542 to 714 In One Year!
From 562 to 670
From 562 to Homeowner in Six Months
From 580 to 750 Please
From 720 to 605, Wrong Way!!
From Medical Mess To Picture Perfect
Fun w/ 1099-C’s!


Gap Insurance
Geography & CRA Accuracy
Get Your Florida Short Sale Preapproved!
Getting FICO Back On Track
Give Me Closure On My Foreclosure
Give Your FICO 30 Minutes
Go Ahead -- Run My Credit Report
Good Neighbor Next Door
Goodbye PMI
Goodwill Letter
Goodwill Letter Is A Double Edged Sword
Goodwill Phone Calls & Letters
Goodwill Provides Hope
Gorman v. Experian et al.
Government Grant Me
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
GreatStone Mortgage
Green Dot
Greene v. Capital One


HELOC vs. Second Mortgage
HELOC, Credit Cards, & FICO
HIPAA & Florida Medical Privacy Laws
HUD Approved Counselors
Happy Birthday
Hardship Letter
Harold's Hundred
Having Bad Credit Removed Through "Re-Aging"
Heavy Hand Loan Mod
Help! My Mortgage Payments Are Killing Me!
Higher Credit Score, Better Life!
HomeSaver Advance
Homeownership Counseling Act
Honest Credit Repair
Honest Credit Repair - An Oxymoron?
Hope For Homeowners
Horrible Adjustable ARM Mortgage
Houdini's Credit Repair
Housing Market Reruns
How Did This Bill Go From $40 to $278 ?
How Do I Begin Fixing My Credit?
How Do I Get Started?
How Do I Locate An Answer?
How Do I Post A Question?
How Do I Stop The Collection Hassle?
How I Settled With The IRS
How Late is Late?
How Long Do Paid Closed Accounts Remain?
How Long Does Bad Credit Remain?
How Long Does Foreclosure Take?
How Long Does a Paid Debt Remain?
How Much Can I Get For This Antique Collection?
How Much Should a Loan Modification Cost?
How Much Will My House Sell for at Foreclosure?
How To Avoid Foreclosure
How To Get Your Mortgage Servicer To LISTEN!!!
How To Obtain A Loan Modification
How To Scare a Debt Collector
How To Stop The Junk Debt Buyer Bully
How To Vacate A Default Judgment
How To ‘Pay For Delete’ Collections
How to Avoid Foreclosure
Hurricane Forbearance (or not)
Hybrid Option ARM


I Forgot My BK Credit repair Checkup
I Got A Collection Call Today!! Yipee!!
I Got Another Collection Call!! Yippee x 2!!
I Have the $$$$, Now What?
I Hereby Goodwill You
I Lost My Bank Records
I M Your Short Sale Buyer
I Never Filed Bankruptcy!
I Ran My Free Credit Report Months Ago
I Received A Summons Today
I Received an Initial Dunning Letter
I Sink, Therefore I Am
I Stand Corrected
I was out of the Country...
I'd Like to Collect Things, Just Not Collections
I'll Blog at Ya This Way
I'm In Deepo with a Repo
I'm Ready to Settle
ID Theft Keeps On Giving
IRS & Bankruptcy
ITIN Mortgage
ITIN, ITIN - Where Do I Begin?
Ideas To Assist Struggling Homeowners
Identity Theft -- the crime that isn't going away
If I File BK Can I Keep My Car?
If It Wasn't In Writing...
If It's Complete and Accurate, Then It Stays
If My Sister Borrows $$$, Does She Have to Pay it Back?
If Rhyme Was a Charge-off I’d Sell It By The Gram
Illinois Collection Agency Act
Illinois Foreclosure Defense
Included in Bankruptcy
Included in Bankruptcy but Reporting as "charged off"
Inconsistent Credit Reports
Independence From Debt
IndyMac Lost The Notes Owner
Injunction Junction What’s Your Function
Inquiry Analysis by a Collection Agency?
Inquiry Sneak Attack
Insurance Fraud On My Credit Report
Interest Penalty After Charge Off
Interest Rate Pull Down
Internet's #1 Credit Repair Seminar
Iowans Foreclosure Hotline
Irrefutable Evidence -- Letter #3
Is A Printout Debt Validation?
Is A Short Sale A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?
Is Cease Communication An Ambiguous Writing?
Is Chapter 7 The End of the World?
Is Collection Agency Licensed?
Is Collector Licensed?
Is Failure To Notate 'Dispute' A Violation?
Is It Job/Mortgage or Vice Versa?
Is My House an ATM Machine?
Is My Repo Complete & Accurate
Is One Dispute Letter OK?
Is Rapid Rescoring Permanent?
Is Sending a "Cease Communications" a Bad Idea?
Is This Account Re-Aged?
Is This Chargeoff Reporting Accurately?
Is This Helping My Credit Score?
Is Tianey Beating the Collection Agency?
Is a Good Faith Estimate Good?
Is a Junk Debt Buyer a Creditor?
Is it possible to get a loan mod, and then another loan mod?
It's a Mystery to Me, My Foreclosure You See
It's a Repo, Roger That
It’s Not Impossible
I’m About To Stop Making Payments


JDB Must Validate This Debt
Join Paul's Family
Joint Account Credit Score Helper
Joint Cardholder v. Authorized User
Judge Harassed by Debt Collector
Judgment Against My Business, Not Me!
Judgment Creditor Went That Way!
Judgment Don't Give Me No Satisfaction
Judgment Expired?
Judgment Gonna Show?
Judgment Is Not Mine
Judgment, Who Me?
Judgments & Retirement Accounts
Judy’s Eight Short Sales
Jumbo Mortgage
Junk Debt Buyer & Original Creditor Balance
Junk Debt Buyer Deja Vu
Junk Debt Buyer Pennies
Junk Debt Buyer Strikes Again
Junk Debt Buyer Summons
Junk Debt Buyers & Their Games
Junk Debt Buyers Are At It Again!
Junk Debt Buyers Lying? ....Noooooh
Junk Debt Buyers in the City


Karyn Away The Appliances
Keep Copies of Your Credit Reports
Kendra’s Debt Settlement
Kentucky Fried Judgment
Keys To Recovery
Komarova v. MBNA
Kristi’s Extortion


Land Contract
Late Payments After Bankruptcy Discharge
Launch My Credit Score Please
Learn Credit Repair in 15 Minutes
Legal, Effective Credit Report Repair…Click!
Let Me Tell You Why I Don't Trust Collection Agencies
Let's Get This Credit Score Started
Let's Make It A Fair Playing Field
Lien & Mean
Litton Reduced Principal Loan Modification
Loan Fraud
Loan Mod & Short Sale Going Nowhere
Loan Mod, Short Sale, Deed-in-Lieu, Foreclosure
Loan Modification
Loan Modification Balance of Power
Loan Modification Burn
Loan Modification Felons
Loan Modification Ultimate Fighting
Loan Modification or FHA Refinance?
Loan Mods & Credit Scores
Loan Mods & Equity Position
Loan Officer Perspective
Loan Servicer Shenanigans Againagan
Locate a Short Sale Expert
Looking for an Honest Mortgage Broker
Loony Bin Mortgage
Loss Mitigation Lender Phone Numbers
Loss Mitigation Reps Wanted
Low Interest Rates Are Relative
Lower Your Credit Card APR for Free
Lynn Buys a Home!


MERS Foreclosures Dismissed
Ma & Pa Collectors
Maddux v. Merchants Retail Credit Association
Mail a dispute to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
Making Payments on a Collection
Managing Credit Cards
Mandatory Binding Arbitration
Manufacturered Housing
Marriage & Credit Scores
Marry My Credit
Maxed Out
May I Be Your Short Sale Buyer?
May I Explain Loan Mods & Short Sales
May I File BK Individually?
May I Pay My Medical Bills? Yes You May
Maybe, Maybe, Maybe I Was Late?
Me & My Dad Are All Mixed Up
Me & My FHA Subordination Agreement
Me & My Mom Are All Mixed Up
Me No Carlton Sheets
Me No Lawyer
Me and My Tradeline
Medical "Balance Billing" Collections
Medical Bill Covered By Worker's Comp
Medical Collection Jambalaya
Medical Collection Removal
Medical Collection Reporting
Medical Collection Run Around
Medical Collection? You Make the Call!
Medical Collections
Medical, Medical, Medical Collections
Medicinal Collection
Medieval Subprime
Method of Verification
Metro Mania
Michelle & NACA are Victorious
Michigan Deficiency Judgment
Military Personnel & Credit
Mini Miranda
Minnesota AG Goes After Debt Collector AFNI
Misreporting My Foreclosure
Misreporting as 120 Days Late Post-BK
Missouri Homestead
Mistaken Identity, Mistaken Inquiry
Mixed Credit Reports
Mixed Files
Modify My Son
Modify Shannon
Mom!!!! My Credit Report!!!!%#&*!!
Mom, You Messed Up My Credit!!!
Mortgage Advice vs. Credit Score
Mortgage After Short Sale
Mortgage Broker Bad Advice
Mortgage Broker Madness
Mortgage Broker Misinformation
Mortgage Broker or Direct Lender?
Mortgage Days Late
Mortgage Ethics?
Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007
Mortgage Is All Locked Up...Unfortunately
Mortgage Loans made to people with Bad Credit
Mortgage Madness
Mortgage Martha
Mortgage Me
Mortgage Paid by Credit Cards
Mortgage Payment Application
Mortgage Payment Posted Wrong?
Mortgage Plans In A Few Months
Mortgage Reporting
Mortgage Reporting Late
Mortgage Reporting Wars
Mortgage Rescue Fraud Act
Mortgage Servicing Transfer
Mortgage after Chapter 13
Mortgage, Judgment, Lien, and Ch 13
Most Lenders Don't Know Diddly
Mr. Furley is a Mortgage Lender
Mr. Magoo Is A Debt Collector
Ms. Scrooge Debt Collector
Multiple Debt Collectors
My CRA's Bigger Than Your CRA
My First Contact Was a Summons
My HELOC Follows Me
My Little 9 Year Old is a Darling,,,Not!
My Repo Boomerang
My Student Loan Nemesis

N Defends Consumers
NCLC on Re-Aging
NSF Checks
National City Bank v. Hill
National Community Reinvestment Coalition
National Council of LaRazza
Negotiating Foreclosure Avoidance
Negotiating a Past Due Credit Card
Negotiating with a JDB, A Dangerous Game
Nevada Collection Agencies
Never Trust A Collection Agency
New Credit Report Every 24 Hours?
New Mexic AG Slams Debt Collector!
Nitty Gritty Credit
No Progress Made With Pay-Credit-Repair
No Ratio....No Problem!
No Way Pro Se!
North Carolina Collection Permit
Not Accurate, Not Investigating, Now What?
Not My Cell Phone, Not My Collection
Notice of Right To Cancel


O-Signer Co-Signer
Objective of Foreclosure Defense
Ode To My Credit Score
Oh No! Making Payments to a Collection Agency!
Oh Planet Credit Repair, Where Art Though Buildings?
Oh Susannah, oh don’t you pay for me
Old Paid Debt
Old Repossession, It's Supposed to be Hers!
One Dispute Letter?
One Late Payment Can Do You In
One Spouse Notes The House?
One Year Old Repossession
Operation Clean Sweep
Operation Homewrecker
Opt-Out Prescreen Me
Option ARMs & TILA
Option Arm Dilemma
Oregon Deficiency Judgments
Orginal Creditors: FDCPA, FCBA, & FCRA
Original Creditor & Judgment Reporting
Original Creditors & the FDCPA
Original Creditors Collecting Debts


Paid Collection
Paid Collection Says Thank You Every Month
Palisades Collection, LLC
Paris Hilton Identity Theft
Partial Matching & Inaccuracy
Partial Release Short Sale
Partial Release or Lot Line Adjustment
Paul Buys Short Sales!
Paula’s Short Sale
Paul’s Team of Credit Experts
Pay For Delete Fast Track
Pay For Delete Letter
Pay For Delete Letters
Pay For Delete My Second Mortgages
Pay For Delete Service is NOW AVAILABLE!
Pay For Delete Three-peat
Pay For Delete! Pay For Delete!
Pay For Delete-athon
Paydex Score
Paying Collections
Paying Collections Can Lower My Score… Why?
Paying Off Credit Cards Early
Paying off a collection may REDUCE your score
Peekaboo Creditor
Periodic Use of Credit Cards
Perkins Loan Judgment Vacated
Personalized Credit Repair Help?
Phil’s Qualified Written Request/s
Phony Dates of Last Activity
Photovoltaic Solar Mortgage
Please Define Accuracy
Please Explain Re-Aging
Police Report is Generally Required
Pondering Pay for Delete
Pondering Pintos
Post Bankruptcy Credit Reporting Issues
Post Bankruptcy FDCPA Violations
Post-Bankruptcy Inaccuracies
Post-Foreclosure Collection Continues
Post-foreclosure Anagnorisis
Pre-Mortgage Credit Score Boost
Preauthorized Draft - Not Exactly!
Prehistoric Collection Inquiries
Preparing My Credit Report to Buy a House
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Private Mortgage Not Reporting
Pro Credit Repair Help
Problems Solved For IRS Liens
Prompt Credit Repair
Property Seizures
Protecting Credit Through The FDCPA
Psst...Wake Up! It's a Buyer's Market!
Public Records Verification


Qualified Written Request


Rachel’s Short Sale
Radtastic Credit Repair
Raise Your Credit Score FAST
Raise Your Credit Score Outside the USA?
Raise Your Credit Score...Free!
Rapid Rescore
Rapid Rescore Catch 22
Rapid Rescore Cost
Rapid Rescore Success
Rapid Rescore from 677 to 680+
Rapid Rescore to 100%
Rapid Rescore your way to Mortgage Bliss
Re-Aged, Now What?
Re-Aging Good, Re-Aging Bad
Re-Aging a Past Due Credit Card
Re-aging Gets You Back on Track
Ready? Set? Short Sale!!!
Reage Me!
Real Estate Scams
Recent Chargeoff
Recording Phone Calls to Debt Collectors
Recovering from ID Theft
Redeem a Repo
Redeemed Repo
Redemptive Rights
Refusal to Investigate
Regulators Concerned with Payment Shock...
Reichert v. National Credit Systems, Inc.
Remember Your Mortgage Broker
Remov ng Inqu r es
Removing An Authorized User
Removing Bad Credit Resulting from Identity Theft
Removing Duplicate Collection Accounts
Removing an Authorized User...Why Not?
Rent Builds Credit
Rent Me
Repairing Credit
Repo Accounting
Repo Runaround
Report Me? Report You!
Report My Mortgage Payment as Disputed & Not Late!
Reporting a Debt to a CRA is a Communication
Rescission Rights
Rescission Tender of Property
Retro Verification, Pardon Me Validation
Returned To Garnishment
Reuters Reports On Foreclosure Crisis
Reverse Table Funding
Right, Wrong, & Procedures
Rob's Opinion of Credit Repair Organizations
Robert Shiller
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Bankruptcy Covers Judgment
Rolling Late Payments -- A Mortgage Conundrum
Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ 30’s
Roybal v. Equifax et al.
Run The Credit Repair Race!


Saenz v. Trans Union
Same Name
Sample TILA Rescission Notice
Sane Credit Repair
Save & Settle
Save Me From Foreclosure
Save the Settlers
Sayest Thou What Oh Lender?
Securitization Trusts & Loan Modifications At Odds
Securitize Me
Seller Held Seconds are back!
Seller’s Judgment
Sensible Auto Loan
Serfass v. CIT Group
Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
Set Aside Foreclosure Sale
Settle Da Debt
Settle Repo Before Junk Debt Buyer Gets Involved
Settled Collection Without a 'Pay For Delete'
Settled Out of Court
Shall I Pay For Credit Repair?
Shifting Buyer Demand
Short Sale & Mortgage Insurance
Short Sale & Retirement Accounts
Short Sale 2nd Mortgage
Short Sale Bankruptcy
Short Sale California
Short Sale Closings Made Easy
Short Sale Deficiency Negotiations
Short Sale Escape
Short Sale Example
Short Sale Financial Statement
Short Sale Financing
Short Sale Full Release
Short Sale Genius
Short Sale HUD1 Generator
Short Sale Hardball
Short Sale Hot Potato
Short Sale Leads
Short Sale Negotiations With Countrywide
Short Sale Podium
Short Sale Precaution
Short Sale Quiz For Real Estate Agents
Short Sale Shake
Short Sale Tax Implications
Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Short Sale, Deed-in-lieu, & Credit Reports
Short Sales & BPO's
Short Sales Explained
Shortsale, ShortSale, or Short Sale?
Should Account Be Listed As 'Disputed'?
Should Denise Default?
Should He Payoff This Chargeoff?
Should I Advise Them of the Error?
Should I Be Thinking Short Sale?
Should I Sign a Short Sale Signature Note?
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
Shouldn't They Validate?
Shouldn't the Foreclosure Be Off By Now?
Sleeping Judgment
Sleeping Seconds
Sloane v. Equifax
Sneaky Debt Collector I
Sneaky Debt Collector II
Sneaky Judgment
Solid Answers
Solitary Debt Settlement
Some Options Are Better Than Others
Something Smelly About Arbitration?
Sometimes The Best Offense is Defense
Sorry Wolpoff
Sorry, Not On My Website
Speak Loan Modification to Me
Split File on Equifax
Standing in a Foreclosure Action
Starting Over
Stated Income & Loan Fraud Again
Stated Income and Loan Fraud
Statute of Limitarbitrations
Statute of Limitations
Statute of Limitations & Arbitration
Statute of Limitations & Credit Reports
Statute of Limitations is an Affirmative Defense
Steps to Erase Collection
Stop Foreclosure
Stop Foreclosure Right Away!
Stop Foreclosures, Why Not?
Strict Foreclosure
Stubborn Unlicensed Collection Agency -- Surprised??
Student Loan -- It's an Odd Case....
Student Loan Clock
Student Loan Collection Inquiries
Student Loan Late Payments
Student Loan Ombudsman
Student Loan Rehab Deletes Default
Student Loan Reported by Collection Agency
Student Loan Skeleton
Student Loan Vagabond
Student Loans & Bankruptcy
Student Loans & The FCRA
Stump the Experts
Subprime Lending Foreclosures
Subprime Mortgage Meltdown I
Subprime Mortgage Meltdown II
Successful Short Sale
Supreme Secret
Surprise Judgment
Suze Orman's Credit Repair


TILA & Insurance
TILA + Vicky = Tricky
TILA Bankruptcy
TILA Multiple Violations
TILA Rescission
TILA Tender in Chapter 13 - Lookout!
TILA the Hun
TILA’s The Name, Modifications The Game
Take Away My Late Payments Please
Tales of Short Sales
Talk To A Short Sale Expert
Tamu to the Rescue!
Tax Lien Time Line
Tax Liens & Credit Reporting
Technical Violations of TILA Extend the Right to Rescind
Ten Year Old Junk Debt Buyer Sneak Attack?
Ten Year Old Zombie Debt
Tennessee Partial Payment
Texas Debt Validation
Texas Fines Pay_Credit-Repair Co. $75,000
Texas Statute of Limitations
Texas Wage Garnishment
The "I Owe You Money" Delegate
The "No Doc" Mortgage
The "Short Sale" Solution
The $40,000 Question
The 'Raise Your Credit Score' Seminar
The Ameriquet Dumpster
The Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007
The Best Short Sale Buyer, Call Me!
The Broken Credit Blog Newsletter
The Case for the Short Sale
The Cosigner for the Astronaut's Condo
The Credit Card King Strikes Again!
The Dangers of Cosigning
The Debt Consolidation Loan -- A Lifesaver
The Early Bird Catches the Charge-off
The FHA Refinance
The Foreclosure Mills of Florida
The Foreclosure Silver Bullet
The Lease / Purchase
The Low Down on Loan Mods
The Mortgage Lender Terrorist
The Net Branch -- Pandora's Box has been Opened
The Noisy Accordion
The Nuclear Collection
The Philosophy of Credit
The Prodigal Son
The Rapid Rescore People
The Reverse Mortgage -- Reverse Your Thinking
The Right Credit Repair Road Map
The Right Path
The Road To Homeownership
The Road to Recovery
The Secured Solution
The Truth About That 1% Mortgage Rate
The Truth About Your Free Credit Report
The Wonder Collection Goes Round and Round
The ‘Raise Your Credit Score’ Seminar
There Is A Real Human Being Behind The Broken Credit Blog!
They're Baaack...
This Blog Is Your Blog
This Credit Card Is Not Mine!
This Is How To Avoid Foreclosure
This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
This Old (Crack) House
Thoughts on Foreclosure
Three-Card Mortgage Monty
Tianey Asks: Is This Validation?
Ticking Collection
Time & Judgment
Time Barred Debt Counterclaim
Timeline of Credit Reporting
Time’s a Wastin in Loss Mitigation
Timid Authorized User
To Catch a TILA
To Dispute, or Not To Dispute
To Repo or Not Repo?
To Short Sale or Not To Short Sale
Today is Day 1
Tosh’s Free Credit Report
Trading Unsecured Debt For Secured Debt
TransUnion & the Dispute Process
Trust Me, I'm a Collection Agency -- Yeah Right
Trust My Lien
Twenty Credit Cards in Texas
Two Credit Reports are Better Than One
Two For Credit Stew
Two Million Foreclosures


Underinsured Medical Bills
Underwater Mortgage
Undoing The Quickie Judgment
Universal Default Me? Universal Default You!
Unjust Enrichment
Unreality T.V.
Untimely Debt Validation
Up, Up & Away! My FICO Score That Is
Urban Credit Legend


VA Drama
VA Loan After Completing A Short Sale?
VA Loan Workouts
VA Mortgage Credit Cleanup
VA Short Sale - ‘Compromise Sale Program’
Valentine v. Equifax
Vanessa's Saga Continues
Vanishing Inquiries
Vantage Score
Varying Statute of Limitations
Violation of the Discharge Injunction - Boo-Yah!!
Virginia TILA Attorney


Warning: Be Careful Who You Listen To!
Was Judgment Satisfied or Vacated?
Watch That Step!
Watching The Foreclosure Clock
Whadya Expect?
What Causes Duplicate Tradelines?
What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Credit Card?
What Happens To My Credit Bureau Letter?
What Happens When I Don’t Pay My Credit Cards?
What Part of Cease Communication Don’t You Understand?
What Triggers TILA Extended Rescission?
What is Considered Proper Validation?
What is Universal Default?
What is a Mortgage Blog?
What's Happening to the Mortgage Blog?
What’s $700,000 Minus $580,000 ?
What’s More Valuable?
When Do Collection Agencies Skiptrace?
When Was My Last Payment?
When Will My BK Go Bye Bye?
When Will This Chargeoff Go Bye Bye?
When Will This Tradeline Delete?
When a Property Becomes Unaffordable
Where’s My Note?
Which Statute of Limitations Is It?
Which Way Will My Credit Score Go?
Who Does the Expedited Dispute Resolution?
Who Has Written The Statute of Limitations
Who Said There’s No Buyer For Your Short Sale?
Who Signed for this Bill?
Who Wants to Talk to a Collection Agency?
Who can do a Rapid Rescore?
Who's Looking at My Credit Report
Wholesale Mortgage Account Executive
Who’s Behind The Loan Mod?
Who’s My Lender?
Why Credit Repair Grads Deserve a Loan
Why Is This On Mom's Credit Report?
Why Modify a Subprime Loan?
Will My Co-borrower’s BK Affect My Credit?
Will Short Sale Show On Spouse’s Credit?
Will This Be Reported as Late?
Will You Buy My Short Sale?
World Savings Secret -- Shhhh!


Yo-Yo Auto Sales
You Can Avoid Foreclosure
You Can Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar
You Sir, Are a Debt Collector!
Your Mortgage or Your Life (Savings)
Your Wish Is Granted




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