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1099-C Cancellation of Debt
30 Minutes To Avoid Foreclosure


A Buyer's Market -- Don't Ask Amiss
A Buyer's Market -- How to Please a Buyer
A Game of Mortgage Monopoly
A TILA Story - Don’t Be A Shelton
A Tidal Wave: The Pending "Payment Shock"
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Resets
Affordable Loan Modifications!
Alt-A Judgment Week
Alt-A or FHA?
Altamirano v. Copiague Funding Corp
Alternatives to Foreclosure - Workout Options
Anatomy of a Florida Foreclosure Defense
Are All Mortgages Negotiable Instruments?
Avoiding Mortgage Payment Shock


Bank Doesn't Have a Clue About BK & Foreclosure
Bank Run Fun
Bank Turn Down?
Bear Stearns & EMC - Unlawful Mortgage Servicing
Beware of Mortgage "Foreclosure Rescue" Scams
Bizarre Mortgage Loan Request
Blame the Banksters not the Brokers
Broker Said What?
Buffet Warns Monty
Buy Now & Pay Later
Buying a Condo on Mars


California DRE Advance Fee Loan Modifications
California Foreclosure Scam
Calling All Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers
Can You Buy a House with a Judgment?
Can You Say Mortgage Time?
Can the 1099 be Avoided on a Short Sale?
Chapter 13 "Bankruptcy Buyout"
Cosa Nostra Net Branch
Countrywide Bankruptcy Practices Exposed
Credit Card Tricks
Credit Cards, Bill Gates, the Housing Market, & Saving Money
Credit Repair Mortgage Loan


Default is NOT a Prerequisite for Loan Modification
Delete for Payment
Does Ben Need a Loan?


Every Once in a While You Find a Mortgage Broker Doing Good
Everyone is Approved!
Exit Strategy


FHA Commissioner: Homeowners Need a Safer Alternative to Risky Mortgages
FHA Secure New & Improved!
FHA Short Sale Mortgagee Letter 2008-43
FHASecure Training Call for Loan Officers
FNMA & Authorized Users
FNMA Likes Short Sales
FTHB = First Time Home Buyer
First Union v. Wilson
Florida - Truth in Lending Act - Open Letter
Florida Foreclosure
Florida Foreclosure Defense
Florida Foreclosures
Florida Short Sale Processors
Florida Short Sales
Foreclosure Bailout
Foreclosure CAN Be Avoided!
Foreclosure Defense
Foreclosure Do's & Don'ts
Foreclosure Facts
Foreclosure Help Leads To Prison Term
Foreclosure Solutions
Foreclosure Stats and Solutions
Foreclosures aren’t adding Up (or are they?)
Free Real Estate Venue


Good Neighbor Next Door
Goodbye PMI
Government Grant Me
GreatStone Mortgage


HELOC vs. Second Mortgage
HUD Approved Counselors
Happy Birthday
Hardship Letter
HomeSaver Advance
Homeownership Counseling Act
Hope For Homeowners
Housing Market Reruns
How Long Does Foreclosure Take?
How To Avoid Foreclosure
How To Obtain A Loan Modification
How to Avoid Foreclosure
Hurricane Forbearance (or not)
Hybrid Option ARM


Ideas To Assist Struggling Homeowners
Illinois Foreclosure Defense
IndyMac Lost The Notes Owner
Interest Rate Pull Down
Iowans Foreclosure Hotline
Is My House an ATM Machine?
Is a Good Faith Estimate Good?


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Keys To Recovery


Loan Fraud
Loan Modification
Loss Mitigation Lender Phone Numbers
Loss Mitigation Reps Wanted
Lynn Buys a Home!


MERS Foreclosures Dismissed
Manufacturered Housing
Medieval Subprime
Mortgage Broker or Direct Lender?
Mortgage Ethics?
Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007
Mortgage Is All Locked Up...Unfortunately
Mortgage Loans made to people with Bad Credit
Mortgage Rescue Fraud Act


National City Bank v. Hill
National Community Reinvestment Coalition
National Council of LaRazza
Negotiating Foreclosure Avoidance


Paul Buys Short Sales!
Pre-Mortgage Credit Score Boost
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Problems Solved For IRS Liens
Psst...Wake Up! It's a Buyer's Market!


Rapid Rescore to 100%
Rapid Rescore your way to Mortgage Bliss
Ready? Set? Short Sale!!!
Regulators Concerned with Payment Shock...
Reuters Reports On Foreclosure Crisis
Reverse Table Funding
Robert Shiller
Rolling Late Payments -- A Mortgage Conundrum


Sample TILA Rescission Notice
Save Me From Foreclosure
Securitization Trusts & Loan Modifications At Odds
Seller Held Seconds are back!
Shifting Buyer Demand
Short Sale Closings Made Easy
Short Sale Example
Short Sale Financing
Short Sale Full Release
Short Sale Genius
Short Sale HUD1 Generator
Short Sale Leads
Short Sale Quiz For Real Estate Agents
Short Sale Tax Implications
Short Sale, Deed-in-lieu, & Credit Reports
Short Sales Explained
Shouldn't the Foreclosure Be Off By Now?
Speak Loan Modification to Me
Stated Income & Loan Fraud Again
Stated Income and Loan Fraud
Stop Foreclosure
Subprime Lending Foreclosures
Subprime Mortgage Meltdown I
Subprime Mortgage Meltdown II


TILA & Insurance
TILA Rescission
TILA Tender in Chapter 13 - Lookout!
TILA the Hun
Talk To A Short Sale Expert
Technical Violations of TILA Extend the Right to Rescind
The "No Doc" Mortgage
The "Short Sale" Solution
The Ameriquet Dumpster
The Best Short Sale Buyer, Call Me!
The Case for the Short Sale
The Cosigner for the Astronaut's Condo
The Debt Consolidation Loan -- A Lifesaver
The FHA Refinance
The Foreclosure Mills of Florida
The Foreclosure Silver Bullet
The Lease / Purchase
The Low Down on Loan Mods
The Net Branch -- Pandora's Box has been Opened
The Rapid Rescore People
The Reverse Mortgage -- Reverse Your Thinking
The Truth About That 1% Mortgage Rate
There Is A Real Human Being Behind The Broken Credit Blog!
This Is How To Avoid Foreclosure
This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
This Old (Crack) House
Thoughts on Foreclosure
Three-Card Mortgage Monty
To Catch a TILA
Two Million Foreclosures


Underwater Mortgage
Unreality T.V.


VA Short Sale - ‘Compromise Sale Program’
Virginia TILA Attorney


What is a Mortgage Blog?
What's Happening to the Mortgage Blog?
Wholesale Mortgage Account Executive
Who’s My Lender?
Why Credit Repair Grads Deserve a Loan
Why Modify a Subprime Loan?
World Savings Secret -- Shhhh!


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