February 12, 2006

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The Broken Credit Blog was created to assist the general public with free information about all subjects having to do with credit.  This blog presently has over 1,200 articles written about various credit-related subjects including: credit reports, credit scores,  debt settlement, mortgage loans, loan modifications, short sales, avoiding foreclosure, and much much more.

  • If you’re new to this site, then a good place to start is with one of our two free seminars: “Raise Your Credit Score” and “How To Avoid Foreclosure”.
  • You can find an article on almost any credit-related topic in our library, the Help Center.
  • Still have a question?  Then, by all means, Stump The Experts.

This may be the only website of its kind.  All of the information on this website is free.  Many of the authors of the articles contained here are mortgage, credit restoration, and foreclosure avoidance experts.

There are also individuals who have been kind enough to share their personal experiences.  All contributors have been given anonymity.  It is our desire that you be encouraged by what you read and if so then we hope you’ll be a light to others in return.

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