May 29, 2009

Damaging Debt Collection Inquiries

I am really beside myself.  I have been attempting to repair my credit for almost three years now.  Your website has been so helpful in helping me do this.  Thank you so much. 

My problem is this.  I only have two bad issues remaining on my credit report.  I’m just going to let them go because they will drop off in December 2009 and January 2010 anyway.  At this point its not worth the trouble.  My problem is this.  There is an old Ford Credit debt from over ten year ago I defaulted on.  Apparently they sold the debt to a collection agency recently.  Because of the age of the debt the collection agency cannot report it on my credit reports.  However I find out that this collection agency did a hard pull inquiry in March of this year and again in May of this year.  As you know because they are hard pull inquiries it damages my credit score. 

Is this what I’m going to be faced with the rest of my life from debt collectors?  I’ve noticed that several people complaining to you on this website about old “should have been forgotten” debts coming back to haunt them.  Is this whats going to happen with me?  I need help here.  Please tell me what to do. 

Again thanks for a really great website.  May God Bless you.

Terri (more…)

September 17, 2008

Bumping Update

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I listened to your seminar about credit restoration and you referred to using a credit service that allows you to view your credit report daily for a nominal monthly fee.

I searched for some, but haven’t been able to find any, or don’t know what I’m looking for.

I signed up at thinking that this was one such website and was charged nearly $30 each time I pulled my report.

Would you please help me by referring a site for me to obtain my reports?

Thanks so much.

-Dan (more…)

July 9, 2008

Bumping News

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Hi Paul,

I’ve had a subscription to True Credit for quite a while, and check it at least weekly, as I need to keep up with the score for business purposes.    I have a ton of  inquiries related to a commercial mortgage broker pulling multiple multiple times and passing my info around last year, but most had bumped off the TU account.     My TransUnion Score was 668 over the weekend,  and showed 4 inquiries.   Equifax and Experian were in the 625-640 range, both showing 20-30 inquiries.   

Today I pulled my score, and TU is now showing 17 inquiries, and my TU score has dropped to 625.   There are no new inquiries, the old ones are just back.     Nothing else has changed.    What gives?   I guess inquiries hurt a lot more than is generally advertised.    Can these be disputed any other way if they were NOT authorized?

Sarah (more…)

June 18, 2008

Remov ng Inqu r es

In addition to an earlier question, Can I remove the inquires from my report?  Especially those from collection agencies?  Thanks

Ricky (more…)

March 5, 2008

Warning: Be Careful Who You Listen To!

Would you listen to this guy?My husband and I applied for a house loan recently and was denied because of some medical bills.

I paid off all of the medical bills that were listed  and called the bank back 2 months later to have our credit report pulled to see if we qualified.

Our scores only raised around 35 points a piece which didn’t help too much. 

I noticed that I have 6 deferred student loans that are listed on my credit report. I do not graduate until 2010. I noticed that 2 of the 6 are showing “Sold to another company” It looks like each time I attend a term in college and these lenders add another inquiry to my credit report it brings down my score. 

How can I raise my score if these inquiries are added every 3-4 months?

They are not listed as being in collections or anything.  I just need to know what I need to do to keep them from hurting my credit.

Julie (more…)

February 27, 2008

Vanishing Inquiries

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Where can I get daily credit reports? I can only find monthly and want to bump off some of my inquiries.


February 18, 2008

Ma & Pa Collectors

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Ma & Pa CollectorsHi Paul and the Gang,

I’ve written to you previously and thanks to you and everyone involved with my credit is stellar.

My new problem is related to a Dr. bill that my Worker’s Comp. insurance didn’t pay. Dr.’s office originally billed me and I forwarded the bill to my attorney, who forwarded to the ins. co. I never received another bill, so I figured it was taken care of. About 2 months ago I started getting phone calls on my cell phone from an unknown number, I ignored the first 2 and I answered the 3rd and they hung up on me, so I called them back asking who they were and what they wanted and they refused to tell me who they were and kept asking for me to confirm who I was and I wouldn’t until they told me who they were. So they cursed me out and hung up.

The next time they called, I answered and again they are asking me to confirm my name, address, phone # without ever identifying themselves, I said to them I thought by law you have to give me your name, company, and state your reason for calling and I’m  not saying anything until you do. Again, they curse me out and hang up.

I call them back and demand they tell me who they are and again they curse me out and tell me they don’t have time for this and hang up on me again. So, I google the phone # and it turns out to be a CA. Since I don’t have any bills that I don’t pay and nothing in collections, I call them and inform them I know who they are and demand to know why they are calling and get this, they look it up in their system he tells me I don’t have any clue why we are calling you, all that’s in our system is your name, address, and #. I tell him to remove my info from their system.

Two weeks go by and they call again and tell me it’s for a Dr. visit and I tell them that bill is related to Worker’s Comp. and I have an attorney, I give them his name, address, and # and tell them any questions they have about this bill they need to contact him.

The next day they call again and I tell them I have an attorney, why are you calling me? They acted like they didn’t know and I tell them again. The next 2 days same thing and now I am becoming furious that they keep playing games that they don’t know I have an attorney and they keep telling ME my attorney’s name thinking it’s funny and I told them I’m filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. They state to me, you go right ahead and while you do that I’m gonna screw your credit all to hell, see how you make out!

I immediately went to the computer and filed my complaint with the A.G.

The next day they call again except now they are asking for people I don’t even know. I keep informing them that if they aren’t calling for me or my wife then they don’t need to call this # I also remind them of the other incidents and I feel they are only calling to harass and abuse me and I told them I filed the complaint with the A.G. and that I was going to include this as well, they hung up.

I filed a secondary complaint with the A.G.

They still call everyday and I don’t answer, I figure I will just wait for my cell bill to come and I will highlight all the calls and send that to the A.G. and keep for the lawsuit I intend to file against them.

Now this brings me to one of the questions I have. Doesn’t a cell phone company have to provide you with a detailed phone record? Because on my phone bill none of the calls (that I didn’t answer) were listed and the calls I did answer from this CA were listed with a different # than was on my caller-id??? Is that legal? I always thought your phone record was your phone record regardless of cellular or landline, aren’t they a phone company period. Now that I need this as evidence, I am left empty handed. If CA’s become aware of this then they could call someones cell 50 times a day and as long as they don’t answer then they have no proof. This would leave consumers wide open for abuse.

Meanwhile, I called the Dr.’s billing dept. and gave them the ins. co. info. and the bill has been paid, yet the CA continues to call everyday asking for “other people”.

Now I received a letter from the A.G. stating that my complaint is resolved with a satisfactory conclusion??? Included was the CA’s response to the A.G. stating that my # would be removed from their system and that if someone else gave them my # as a contact they have no way of knowing they have a wrong #. Even though I told them several times and they called me 53 times in 30 days. The A.G. confuses me, they didn’t address the abuse (foul lang.), the harassment (calls), violations (calls after 9pm and after they were informed I have an attor.), and more violations because they continue to call me, even TODAY.

How should I respond to the A.G. or is there another avenue I can take? How do I get proof of the phone calls when they won’t list them? How can they mask  their business phone # on my bill and isn’t that deceptive business practices?

Also they looked at my credit report, since this is a medical bill and not a credit transaction wouldn’t it be illegal under FACTA. Could you also clarify for me: As I understand, with FACTA No credit inquiries (hard or soft) are permissible unless it’s related to a credit transaction. So, basically by their definition only credit cards and all loans fit “credit transaction” (no credit check initially, no permissible purpose in the future?)Right?

Chris (more…)

February 10, 2008


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Hi Paul.

I have been going on your site for about a month now and I’m very grateful for all the research that you have available for all of us to use and better our credit.

I signed up with True Credit and it is a great tool. Now I have been updating my report on a daily basis deleting hard inquires, but the only report that is reducing them is Transunion. On my report the oldest inquires are from Experian and Equifax and their not being affected whatsoever. Am I doing something wrong or are those two not affected at all by your soft pulls?
I am eager to know so i can take the appropriate step.

Again I thank you

Rick (more…)

January 30, 2008

Shady Collection Inquiries

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A week ago you discussed the legal justification that allows a collection agency to do a Hard Inquiry on your credit report.  With the rising market of junk debt collectors, I am continually assaulted w/debts over 10 years old. 

Now even though my credit report is completely clean, these folks repeatedly mar my report by with ‘collection’ inquiries. 

On Transunion, they specifically state permissible reason: collection. This is damaging and shady.  Can I stop it?

Shawn (more…)

January 19, 2008

Split File on Equifax

Hi Paul,

First of all thank you so much for this site i have been reading through it and it is very helpful.

I have a question about the split credit report. You say in several places that it is not good if that happends. Why is it such a bad thing? How does it affect ones credit?

Also you said that by “Bumping” credit inquires, that a split credit report may occure what are the factors that make a split credit report happen and how can it be avoided if you are bumping?  If it does happen how is it fixed?

Thank you so mucn for your help,
George (more…)

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