November 24, 2009

To Credit Repair Or Not To Credit Repair


STEVEN (more…)

August 5, 2009

Free Credit Score Seminar & Consultation

What would you most like to accomplish AFTER rasing your credit score?

  1. Just settle debt
  2. The financial well being we used to have, and minimize the amount of debt we incur from here on out.
  3. buy a home
  4. refinance mortgage
  5. Purchase a home
  6. Purchase a home, we have medical bills with liens from long ago. over $6K worth. They are preventing me from getting a Habitat for Humanity Home.
  7. purchase business
  8. Purchase a home
  9. Would like to start looking for a new car and eventually a house as well as being able to apply for lines of credit to have just in case a problem arises where I need emergency funds…ex: car repairs
  10. get a home
  11. Get a promotion
  12. purchase home
  13. mortgage my lease to purchase home with increased score.
  14. Get a credit card to pay off the ATV loan that my exhusband defaulted on.  Then sell the ATV and pay towards the loan.
  15. purchase new vehicle and home
  16. Help others
  17. Purchase a home
  18. self esteem
  19. in forclosure, need to save my home if possible. Am now sueing in state and federal court for fraud, etc.
  20. buy a home
  21. large purchases
  22. Buying a home, having credit cards.
  23. purchase a car and get some credit cards
  24. purchase a home and a car
  25. BUY HOME
  26. I would want to accomplish buying a new house.
  27. New home purchase…will have to short sale home (included in BK) soon, one year after discharge.
  28. raise my credit score so that we can qualify for our new mortgage
  29. Apply for a mortgage
  30. Buy a house

And how about you?  What would you most like to accomplish after rasing your credit sccore?

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July 17, 2009

Do You Want FREE Credit Repair?

Hello Everyone,

My friend Brian Aber with HTDI Financial has extended the free credit repair offer until the end of July.  If you are looking to have your credit report restored FREE of charge, then check this post to see if you meet the criteria and send Brian an email or give him a call.

Did I mention it was FREE?

Check it out and then once your report is cleared and your score is in the 700’s, maybe you’ll be kind enough to post a testimonial for Brian.

These are my own words and this post is not an advertisement for HTDI.  This is a Broken Credit Blog contest to see who is the best credit repair company period.

Thanks and let the contest and FREE credit repair continue till the end of July!

Paul Jerome
Broken Credit Blog

February 26, 2009

Helpful Professional Credit Repair – Call Chris Rocks!

Chris Rocks, Regional Director
National Credit Federation
Direct: 847.941.0654

January 19, 2009

Legal, Effective Credit Report Repair…Click!

Repair your credit today with Lexington Law

January 7, 2009

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Hey Paul!

I really really really need your help on this one.  Its been a long road restoring my credit and I wrote to you on September 28, 2008 regarding my split credit file.  I thought I had most of it straightend out and tonight when I pulled my credit report I had the following message:  “Transunion Credit Score and Analyis- We’re sorry. The person named on this credit file is reported as deceased, so we are unable to calculate a credit score.” 

I am a little confused and scared as I was just on the phone with Transunion yesterday!  Should I call Transunion?  or just hire a lawyer and sue them? (just joking)  Please let me know if you have any advice

Thanks again for your faithfulness

Amanda (more…)

October 21, 2008

Credit Wealth

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You rock. Wealth of concise information. I will support you and your idea as much as I can. Very useful and consumer oriented website.


August 4, 2008

Brian & HTDI Take On Equifax!

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HTDI Financial Results from Equifax June 11, 2008

83% Fix/Delete Rate within the first 45 days

Personal Information     DELETED

TWO Judgments       DELETED

Capital One Charge-Off     DELETED

Kohl’s Charge-Off     DELETED

Pinnacle Collection Account    DELETED

Call Brian with HTDI!

“Anything that can be put on your credit report can be taken off; it’s just a case by case basis.”

July 25, 2008

HTDI Financial’s PROVEN Results

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13 Deletions from TransUnion dated 07/08/2008

Personal Information         UPDATED

Two collection/charge-offs from HSBC Bank      DELETED

Two collections from RJM Acquisitions, LLC      DELETED

One collection/charge-off from Leland Scott and Assoc.     DELETED

One collection from Credit Collection Service     DELETED

One collection/charge from Accelerated Revenue, Inc.    DELETED

One collection/charge-offs from North American Credit Services   DELETED

Two collection accounts from I C Systems Collections    DELETED

One collection/charge-offs from Credit Protection Association   DELETED

One mortgage late payments from Beal Bank     DELETED

One mortgage lat payment from Household Finance    DELETED

Call Brian with HTDI!

June 2, 2008

Ten Deletions for Brian and HTDI

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so what more can be said other than Ten Deletions for Brian at HTDI!

Now, after you’ve clicked the above link, give Brian a call and see what he can do for your credit report and score.

The Broken Credit Blog is pleased that Brian and HTDI are standing guard over:

  • incorrect,
  • erroneous,
  • false,
  • incomplete,
  • inaccurate
  • bogus data



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