June 17, 2008

Me & My Dad Are All Mixed Up

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I share the same name as my father and there is some negative information on my credit report for a specific account that he shared with my mother. I have tried contesting this and have not succeeded. Should the creditor provide proof of my signature on this accounts credit application?

Javier (more…)

February 27, 2008

Mixed Files

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In 2005 I had a chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am pay 500 a month for 3 years. I will be done in october.

I have a ton of wrong stuff on my credit report. From a house (I have ever owned a house) to Jewelery store credit with debt that they can’t find a record of me ever having an account.

Most of the delinquincies happen to be they can’t find any info on me when I call them.

There is a whole lot more on there such as jobs I have never worked towns I have never lived in and one report has 3 social security numbers for me which none are any of my family members or myself.

Please help!

John (more…)

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