October 24, 2006

Credit Repair – The Best Things in Life are FREE

Credit Repair, credit repair, credit repair – an internet search for ‘credit repair’ yields tens of millions of websites offering information on credit repair for a price.  Credit repair services for a fee, credit repair books, and credit repair this and that – please enter your pay pal information.  It’s discouraging to say the least; a search for ‘free credit repair’ seems to yield the same results, the same ‘for profit’ companies selling their credit repair wares.  Does that sound like ‘free credit repair’ to you?  Me neither.  So for an apparent change of pace, you are presently reading the words of an author who truly believes that ‘free’ means ‘free’.  With this in mind, let the reader know that the Broken Credit Blog is your source for ‘free credit repair’ and this because you and I share the same dictionary.  For the record, my dictionary defines ‘free’ as an adverb meaning ‘without charge’.

Yes, there is no charge for credit repair at the Broken Credit Blog.  After reading the following articles, you may, however, need to do a little letter writing.

Is your mortgage company reporting your payment history incorrectly?

Mortgage Credit Repair

Want to clean up your credit after discharge of a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Credit Repair

Are you having a dispute with your credit card company?

Fair Credit Billing

Is a collection reporting more than once on your credit report?

Removing Duplicate Collections

Need help writing a credit dispute?

Credit Report Dispute Letter

Need mailing addresses for the big three CRA’s?

Mail a Dispute to Equifax, Experian and Trans Union

The above articles are just a sampling of some of the free credit repair information you will find here at the Broken Credit Blog.  Remember that you can use the ‘search’ function of this website (on the right) by typing in the words you are looking for or you may click on the hyperlinks (beneath the search) under ‘categories’ for any that match your request.

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