May 13, 2006

Mail a dispute to Equifax, Experian and Trans Union

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There are three methods of contacting the credit bureau to make a dispute.  You may contact them by phone, internet or snail mail.  While all three are valid means of resolving a dispute, the consensus is that certified mail with return receipt confirmation is the best.

There are many credit repair companies that would encourage you to dispute items that you know to be accurateDO NOT DISPUTE AN ITEM THAT YOU KNOW IS ACCURATE (unless that item is outdated).  Aside from the fact that this is unethical, it will also be a waste of time.  The CRA’s have an Automated Consumer Dispute Verification (ACDV) system that is designed to defeat these attempts.  Your dispute will be verified as accurate and any future disputes will be labeled frivolous. 

As of May 13, 2006 the following are valid addresses for mailing a dispute to the Big Three CRA’s:

Equifax POB 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374

Experian 701 Experian Parkway Allen, TX 75013

Trans Union POB 2000 Chester, PA 19022-2000 


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