August 30, 2006

Mortgage Loans Made To People With Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn’t make someone a bad person.  Bad credit is a fact of life.  Someone may be at one station in his or her life at one point in time and then later, an entirely different set of circumstances prevails.  This could be going from good fortune to bad or vice versa.  No matter where we find ourselves, our focus should always be on the future and what we are doing today to prepare.  Unfortunately, in the credit world, banks are quick to scrutinize an applicant’s past credit problems and slow to forgive their misfortune.  This mentality is further emphasized in the widespread use of credit scoring.  A certain score must be realized or no approval.  Where is the understanding?  

This is why the Broken Credit Blog was created, to provide you with the information and resources necessary to improve your credit score.  We have no delusions of changing the system.  Contrary to the opinion of some, the system works fairly well.  The problem is a lack of consumer education.  This is the void we desire to fill. 

The contributors to the Broken Credit Blog are mortgage and real estate industry professionals from across the United States of America.  With varying backgrounds, ages and experience, we believe our diversity is strength and our shared purpose is a mutual desire to help you – free of charge.  Every Saturday we stream our thirty-minute online seminar titled “Raise Your Credit Score”.  The seminar is free of charge although advance registration is required.  There are also an abundance of articles that can be accessed through the search function on this site.

In the past ninety days, hundreds of people have opted-in for information, many of whom have indicated they’d like assistance with a mortgage refinance or purchase.  Broken Credit, LLC does not originate mortgage loans, but the nature of this forum provides a virtual surplus of lending talent.  As a further service to the visitors of this site and in an attempt to accommodate their immediate lending needs, the Broken Credit Blog is pleased to announce the opening of its Help Center at the top of this page.  The Help Center is designed to match borrowers who have credit problems with the lending professionals that can solve them. 

In conclusion, the mission statement of the Broken Credit Blog is not to improve the behavior of banks, but rather to improve your credit score.  This is a realistic goal – thanks to the contributions of our mortgage and real estate industry professionals.  A most recent innovation, the Help Center, offers immediate financing solutions for those with bad credit.  And finally, while we can’t change the lack of understanding in the lending world as a whole – those who want more than what the lending world has to offer are welcome to find a home here.

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