June 17, 2010

Real Time Resolutions

I’m curious if anyone has any short sale second mortgage or collection or worse stories in dealing with Real Time Resolutions.  In working with the following folks: Brian Gramlich, Grant Mones, Eric Luna, or Eric Ordinerio.

Please post what you’re finding with the following:

brian.gramlich@rtresolutions.com grant.mones@rtresolutions.com eric.luna@rtresolutions.com eric.ordinerio@rtresolutions.com

214-599-6390 877-469-7325 214-599-6460 214-599-6441

Let the people speak!  What say ye?

2 Responses to “Real Time Resolutions”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    You had questions in regard to my experience with Real Time Solutions, notably Eric Luna is whom I dealt with, over a year ago. I did get my short sale closed, however it was a real mess. The company itself was a wreck and Eric was extremely difficult to communicate with. In the end I did win, however it took some doing.


  2. Kim Says:

    Yes, I’m currently dealing or going “back and fort” with Craig Gilbert with Real Time Resolutions. I believe they are trained to make unrealistic demands on sellers to get as much as they can, even when there’s nothing there. But I will keep trying, or they’ll end up with nothing.

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